How Long Will Galvanised Wiremesh Last and Is It Rust-Proof?

Galvanised or GI wiremesh have a variety of uses. They are used in structures made to house animals and poultry, secure commercial buildings and houses, create fences, and safeguard construction sites. 

While we hear the term ‘galvanisation’ all the time, do you know what exactly this process is? What does it do to a wiremesh to make it more durable and cost-effective in the long run?

This article will help you know everything about galvanised or G.I wiremesh if they are rust-proof, and how you can make your wiremesh work better for you while saving costs.

What Is Galvanisation on wiremesh?

Galvanised steel is everywhere. It is used to make a variety of urban structures such as bridges, buildings, and railways. Another very common use of galvanised steel is in making wiremesh for commercial or private use. 

Galvanisation on wiremesh is nothing but the process of applying a coating of zinc on the steel wire. This process involves these steps:

  • Cleaning the steel fence of grease and other elements.
  • Rinsing it with a solution made with diluted hot sulphuric acid.
  • Cleaning it again using a zinc-aluminium chloride solution.
  • Drying the structure and immersing it in molten zinc.

How Long Does Galvanised Wiremesh will Last and What Are Its Other Advantages?

Galvanised wiremesh have some clear benefits over other types of Non Galvanized Wiremesh. One of the major advantages of this type of GI Wiremesh is its extended lifespan. 

Several factors may rust and corrode a non galvanised wiremesh. These include:

·      Long-term exposure to humidity or salt in water or air

·      Industrial pollution 

·      High temperature

·      Acids such as sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide

·      Moss

·      Rainwater mixed with acid

·      Contact with other metals such as pure iron and copper

When a wiremesh is constantly exposed to rust, it may gradually lead to breakage and failure. 

Galvanising is one of the best ways to prevent rusting. Zinc and steel form a strong bond together and the thick coating of zinc applied during the process prevents water and oxygen from reaching the metal beneath. A galvanised wiremesh that is taken care of can easily last for anywhere between 5-10 years. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some other advantages of galvanised wiremesh:


When compared to steel treated with other options such as vinyl, galvanised steel is a more economical option. This makes it very cost-effective while being durable.

Low Maintenance Cost

A galvanised wiremesh requires zero to no maintenance, especially when compared with wiremesh made of other materials such as wood. It doesn’t warp or rot and stays stronger for a longer time. 


Since a galvanised wiremesh is sturdier, you can expect it to serve its purpose adequately. It offers stress-free security for your property and animals, whatever the case may be.


Zinc exists naturally and is a 100 per cent renewable material. This, in addition to the fact that there is very little requirement for additional energy for maintaining this wiremesh, makes it sustainable for the environment.


With its soft and uniform hue, a galvanised wiremesh has a superior aesthetic value. It looks modern and merges with all kinds of commercial or residential architectural layouts. 

Is a Galvanised Wiremesh Rust Proof?

These advantages bring us to an often asked question does a galvanised wiremesh rust? 

The short answer is yes. 

Although galvanised wiremesh are known to last for decades, several reasons may reduce their life expectancy and cause them to rust faster. Some of these reasons include:

·      Exposure to inclement weather, chemicals, or acids.

·      Improper storage of the wiremsh in areas with high humidity or heat.

·      Interaction with pedestrians or other objects that may scratch their surface.

How To Increase The Life of Your Galvanised Wiremesh?

Remember, after a while, even a galvanised wiremesh will succumb to rust. The good news is that there are ways to slow this process and make your wiremesh serve you better and longer.

Here are some ways to optimise the life of your wiremesh through proper upkeep and maintenance:

  • Inspect your wiremesh regularly to look for weak spots or signs of rusting. If you see any rust stains on the wiremesh, use sandpaper or steel wool to get the rust off. In case you have excessive rusting, call the professionals to deal with it.
  • If you have general stains on the wiremesh, you can use laundry soap. However, if you have deeper rust stains, you may use more aggressive cleaning methods such as a pressure wash. Never use cleaners with a high pH content. This can damage the zinc coating and cause the wiremesh to rust faster.
  • Once you remove the rust from the wiremesh, make sure to paint a zinc-based primer over it. The paint acts as a barrier to prevent chemical reactions that may lead to corrosion. This also enhances the aesthetics of the wiremesh. Ideally, a galvanised wiremesh must be painted at least once every year.
  • If you have a temporary wiremesh, remember to store it properly. It is important to store it in a low-moisture area or one that has controlled humidity to delay the process of rusting. Additionally, keeping desiccant drying agents in the storage space will also help prevent rusting.
  • One of the best ways to prevent yourwiremesh from rusting is to know which class of galvanisation to use. This means deciding the minimum coating weight per square foot of the wiremesh. For instance, farm areas require Class 1 coating of zinc. For places with high humidity, a heavier layer of zinc of Class 3 would be needed. Also, ensure that your galvanising material confirms to ASTM standards for coating weights.


How long a wiremesh last depends entirely on the quality of the wiremesh purchased including a regular inspection and maintenance process. At Arne Industries, we offer superior-quality galvanised wiremesh that are unmatched in durability and quality. Our teams of experienced technical staff help in keeping your galvanised wiremesh as good as new for decades. To know more about us and our products and services, contact us here.  

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